Jan 20, 2010

Night Skiing

Last night I went night-skiing. And it was awesome. The weather was perfect, a balmy -1C. The slopes had just about the right amount of snow, aided by a bit of a sprinkle from the previous day, and not icy. 

I was wearing and testing out my new ski pants. Although they are lime green and therefore clash hideously with my almost neon-blue ski jacket, they are without a doubt the best ski pants I've ever owned. Never in my life have I been hot, skiing. I mean, sure, I get warmed up with the activity, and my legs burn and all that. But I cannot recall actually sweating on the slopes. Yesterday I did. 

I was probably a bit overdressed for the weather, but this is Quebec. And one just never knows when the temperature will suddenly decide to plummet from balmy cold to arctic frigid. So better safe than sorry. I was not sorry at all to be too warm, though it did make for a rather unpleasant smell in the car later on.

The other fantastic part about the night skiing was the view. The entire slope is lit up with lights, and from the top you can see the "town". If you choose, you can ski past all the lovely chalets on your way down. On the way up, the ski lift passes by the tops of the trees, the deciduous ones whose leaves have long since dropped, had a coating of snow attached to them. As they caught the lights from the slopes below, the tops of the trees sparkled prettily. It was just amazing.

What made it all the more exciting was the fact that I did not have to worry about contacts or glasses. I just popped on my goggles and off I went! It made me appreciate my new eyesight all the more. Although tonight is another story - after an entire day of coding, everything is blurred. I will ask the Lasik people about that tomorrow. Hubby reckons it's just that my muscles are over-tired.

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