Jan 22, 2010


I'm officially a boarder. My brother is visiting and we hit the slopes today. He also went yesterday, but given hubby was having a massively painful surgery on his eyes (PRK type lasik), I stayed home as official eye-dropper and general care-taker for food, pets, you name it. Since hubby was feeling a lot better today and cannot really do much other than mosey around the house, the sibs took off to board.

It was my first time ever, and we spent about 3.5 hours on the slopes. In that time, I learned to board well enough to make turns, and link them together (as well as stay upright, stop, and on two occasion catch the "wrong" edge and face-plant or butt-plant into the snow -- which is very ouch and I do not recommend!). 

The afternoon was a success. I can string together about 10-12 turns without stopping and managed to get all the way down the small mountain with the easiest of green trails without falling over. The only problem now is muscle strength. I could potentially string more turns together but my thighs start to burn at that point, requiring that I sit down and take a rest.

But still, I am surprised. You hear of people saying it takes three days of sore knees and painful butts before they find the groove. I was grooving quite nicely today, and on occasion, with quite a bit of speed. It was tiring though, and after 3.5 hours, my legs refused to go any further. Bet I sleep well tonight!

I do love being less than an hour from a ski resort, and paying less than 150 bucks for a season pass.

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  1. you weren't kidding, those are some of the limiest green pants I've ever seen.

    I've still not tried boarding. When i do go skiing, I'm still enthralled with it, so I always opt to pass on the inevitable face and butt plants.