Jan 2, 2010

Happy New 2♡1♡

A new year, a new decade, even. It all started off with a bang (fireworks). Before that, we also had a small bang in our house. That was when the casserole cooking pot exploded and all the oil and chicken I had just heated up in it dripped down onto our electric hob and caught fire. A few minutes of excitement later, hubby had the situation under control. We got the chicken out of the way before it charcoaled too much (no way you'd find any stores open at that time of day on New Year's Eve, and it was my only source of protein in the house). We managed to save the chicken, safely dump the pot and the oil, and I restarted the process, this time in a steel wok instead of a piece of pottery which seems to work better on spiral electric hobs. Let me mention at this point that I really hate electric hobs, and our kitchen in general because it is too small and full of appliances that have issues.

In the end, all went well and we had a very nice dinner with the few friends we've made so far in Montreal who don't have kids. Even Velcro had a play-date for the night. A few bottles of wine and some decaf coffee later, we decided to hop onto the metro to go look at the fireworks. Unlike New Yorkers, Montrealers don't bother to spend hours waiting outdoors before midnight on New Year's Eve. I think it's just too damn cold. And although the weather was reasonably mild, and the snow light, we were few amongst many getting off the underground about 10 minutes before midnight. It was crowded, but there was live music and we managed to find a good spot to view the visual display.

All in all, not a bad night at all. Welcome 2♡1♡. Let's make it a good one. 

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