Dec 31, 2009

First time for everything

Some day, some things have to be done for the first time. That was the case for hubby today: learning to ski. I've been waiting for the snow to fall and for the winter to arrive. Of course, winter arrived some time ago in Quebec, but we were traveling. Plus, no one in their right mind goes skiing when it's minus 20C.

Today was perfect. The weather was just below freezing, the snow relatively new (not to mention the fabulous snow-blowers), and we just bought a bunch of new/second-hand equipment that we picked up yesterday from the store.

Off we went. Less than an hour's drive from Montreal, one can reach Bromont. It's a "small" ski resort relatively speaking. But more than large enough for a first timer.

I could not have been more excited and probably drove hubby mad with my occasional "skiing!" outburst over the last several days, including a few times in the car on the way up this morning. And after about 45 minutes of sorting out ski passes and tickets at the information office (where French is clearly the preferred lingo), we hit the slopes. The bunny slope, at least. 

Not only was this a first for hubby, it was a first for me as well. I've never ridden the "magic carpet" up a slope before. But it was fun to do so and watch all the kids and lots of instructors work their way down. Within an hour or so, hubby was confident enough to know how to stop and even manage a turn or two, so we spent the last hour on the big slope, using a proper chairlift. Even that had a moving "carpet" at the point of getting on the lift - another first for me. 

All in all, I was very impressed with hubby. He learned to stop and turn, and managed to get on all the lifts without falling (easier said than done). Although we did have a tiny hiccup getting off the chair lift, followed by a comical look on hubby's face when he was still sitting happily and on his way back down in the lift while everyone else had gotten off. 

As I said, there's a first time for everything.

Dec 30, 2009

Once in a Blue Moon

A new year, a new beginning. I feel ready to spew more nonsense. And tomorrow is the day of the blue moon - the actual moon cycle, that is, and not the Belgian beer.

According to legend, blue moons happen about every seventh years. In these years, people suffer more emotional ups and downs, and personal catastrophes. 

You can say that again. Here's to 2010!