Jan 4, 2010

In love with my coat

I'm in love with my coat. Not just any coat, but my hooded down winter coat by Montreal designer Rudsak. It is just awesome. Even in the minus teens. It's a polished white - not the color I'd normally choose for a coat, but I fell in love with it the moment I saw it and then the sales lady said she had a spray (no doubt horribly environmentally unfriendly) to protect the coat from smudges. She was right about that - so far it's not smudged except on the ribbed sleeves and bottom which is a different material. I'm sure my organic stain remover book will be able to help me out with that one. 

My coat has two large front pockets that hold my wallet and phone, and has a huge hood that can be cleverly clipped back to fit my head size. The hood has fur lining (coyote, I think), which some people might argue is not environmentally friendly but the way I see it, neither is making polymer linings. The sleeves are deliberately too long, so that you can pull your hands back into them without any trouble. They also have a thumb opening (like my old coat), but I'm less fond of that as it lets in the cold air, and I'd rather hide my thumb up my sleeve than expose it to the bitter elements.

Today, while I was walking home from work in the dark, I fell in love with my coat all over again. It was freezing and windy, and I had no hat or gloves with me. Yet, the coat wrapped me up just like a mini duck-down cocoon. Ah, I love Montreal designers who actually consider things like cold weather when designing a coat.

Which reminds me, I must get my ski boots changed - the damn things leave my toes icy and cramp my style so much that I can barely get my feet into them. High arches ...

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