Feb 12, 2011

Waiting it out

We're in a stage of waiting now. Waiting out baby-boy to see when he will honor the world with his presence. Mostly, I wait indoors: there is too much snow and ice for me to move around with any kind of confidence. Plus, things are getting heavy and cumbersome. My belly jiggles like some enormous watermelon, my hips are in agony whenever I move position from lying to sitting, or sitting to standing, or standing to walking. Perhaps this is due to (old) age, but I reckon I was fitter before my pregnancy than I ever was in my 20s. Once I do get moving, things seem to flow and feel better though.

So my strategy is to keep active while waiting. We went to Home Depot today to buy a little nightlight with a red bulb and fixed it close to the changing table for those middle-of-the-night baby activities. We also bought a bunch of cord, so that I could macramé a plant pot holder (I brought home my purple heart and want to keep it out of reach of kitty teeth). Then there were the small fixer-uppers, such as a bit of sealant for around our kitchen tap which has been letting water through for weeks, and a bit of glue for our loo roll holder which keeps falling off and making a racket.

Anything, really, to avoid the real work, especially those reviews I still need to finish up for a conference. I'm two thirds of the way through, but not willing to sacrifice my weekends any longer for that kind of thing.

All of it is a good distraction from general pregnancy discomforts, such as my swollen fingers and "fat wrists" (hubby's words), sinus congestion (that now seems to have developed an earache to go with it), and the persistent practice contractions that happen every time I sit, stand, bend over or move. 

A few more days till the due date ... can't wait to see what happens. Baby-boy sends a little foot punch to say hi.

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