Feb 17, 2011

False alarm?

Woke up this morning thinking that my water might have broken. So like a good patient, I followed the doctor's instructions and off we went to the hospital (after eating breakfast and having a shower, of course ... no need to rush over there).

We spent about 1.5 hours there. Once again, they hooked me up to a baby heartbeat monitor in the triage area. The beats are now very regular and we didn't detect a single skip (!). The monitor, apparently, also tracks contractions, which were about 5 minutes apart, though so mild that I barely noticed them. Eventually, a doctor had time to check me and a lab test indicated no ruptured membranes.

They sent us home, and told me to do a lot of walking, to speed things along. Of course, walking is difficult for me, but it being about 5C outside (yay!!) we did manage to very slowly make our way across the melting ice/snow patch near the canal with the dog. We went to the market to stock up on some food and then stopped off at the coffee shop for tea and cake.

The walking seems to have helped a bit. I'm now experiencing much stronger and different contractions. Still very far apart though, so no going back to the hospital just yet. And they may yet go away when I decide to lay down on the sofa in a minute. But it's exciting nonetheless. Maybe another day or so ...?

Oh, and hubby says that I'm giving too much detail in these posts - so I apologize to the squeamish and will try to take a little more distance by reducing some of the descriptions.

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  1. Sounds as though things are moving in the right direction now Judith. Let's hope we wake up in the morning and find that we have a new grandson. We hope all goes well for you. So excited here. All our love and best wishes to you and Steve and bump.
    Mam &Dad