Feb 16, 2011

Ice, ice, baby

Many thanks to all of you: your messages have all been very sweet and encouraging. All three of us were a mess yesterday, but thankfully things seem to be improving. Hubby had a head massage, and the "scalp over-stimulation technique" recommended by the doctor seems to be working a bit for him.

Meanwhile, baby-boy is still happy to stay in his little patch, it seems. Perhaps he peeked out and saw it was -29C, and piles of snow, and figured he'd stay warm and cozy for a little while. Haven't seen any more changes in my body today, so it might still be a few more days. Tomorrow should be above freezing, so perhaps we can entice him to come out then :).

As for me, I've been using LOTS of ice packs and they seem to be doing the trick for the symphysis pubis dysfunction. I'm also restricting my walking and not going outside at all - the slipping and sliding seems to be the worst kind of activity. Instead, I am trying very gentle stretches in the bath and on my bed (when on all fours). By now, I can stand up and turn over when lying down without too much agony, and I'm paying close attention to how I do it each time. When I engage the right muscles, things seem to go fine, although I still get the occasional shooting stab when I forget for a moment and try to side-step my way between the sofa and the coffee table. I'm glad the ice packs are working. It seems like all my time in physio-therapy for various joint/tendon related inflammations have given me the right techniques to cope with this thing.

Some of you have asked hubby to update his blog. In fact, he has a new one now, so here is the link.

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