Feb 1, 2011

Back to work

After last week's gastro-enteritis fiasco I am finally back at work since Sunday. I'd been freaking out a little bit about not getting any work done. Apart from simply feeling exhausted and trying to recover my digestive system which remained dodgy for the entire week, I had the further distractions of my brother's visit and hubby's gallery opening (vernissage) to keep me occupied. In the end, I ended up doing lots of aimless wandering from here to there and sleeping my way through the week, as well as spending most evenings hanging out with bro on the sofa (who spent his days snowboarding). It was all good fun and time flew by. 

But by Saturday I was starting to feel itchy and jumpy about my work, although I had zero energy to actually do any. I decided that Sunday would be the day to kick-start my brain, my body (i.e. going to the gym), and my work ethic again. And it worked. 

The trick was to buy a decent chair for me to sit in at home. So hubby and I went off to Costco and bought an office chair that supposedly is for him, but I'm using at the moment in order to avoid cutting the blood supply to my legs three minutes after sitting down in one of our dining chairs.

Hurray for chair. I got at least 5 solid hours of work in on Sunday, which led nicely into Monday and Tuesday for full days of work (at my own office). The result is that two paper revisions are almost done, and I feel much better about my state of affairs and the likelihood that I will actually get most of my work finished prior to arrival of baby-boy.

Today consisted of a small detour to the doctor's office for a regular check-up. We heard baby-boy's heartbeat again and it's still skipping the occasional beat, but we also heard a long stretch of regular heart activity. The doctor still doesn't seem too worried. Status quo, then. She asked if I had my bag packed and knew when to come to the hospital. I do, on both accounts. Last week's gastro event made me realize that I was not yet ready for the birthing center, so on Saturday I packed a proper bag that contains most of what I'll need to bring, barring last-minute things like my e-book and my toothbrush.

Tomorrow will mark a break in my highly efficient work activity, in that we have our interview with the immigration people. Apparently the entire thing will start off in French until they decide you're rubbish and then they'll switch to English. I've spent the last few evenings collection the stack of paperwork that we need to bring. Tomorrow morning I'll have to go to the other campus (slightly outside of town) to collect a copy of my employment letter that for some reason has mysteriously disappeared from my files (I found everything else). Of course, I had to take my diplomas out of my frames AGAIN. I'm getting tired of doing so, but a nice colleague stood on a chair for me to break union rules and take down my frames.

Wish me bon chance pour demain! I'm going to spend most of the day studying everything there is to know about Quebec, like who is the premier, what is the capital city and how many people live here. Yikes.

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