Feb 14, 2011


It's baby-boy's official due date today. Well, at least according to the schedule I've been keeping. The ultrasound scans keep saying Feb 15th, but Valentine's Day sounds nicer so we've been sticking to that. 

We'll see if anything happens. I'm up, of course, at 4am. Partly due to pregnancy-related annoyances like fat-fingers that wake me up. But more so because the middle-of-the-night snow-plow shenanigans are back. Time to call 3-1-1 again methinks.

On the agenda today: a quick meeting with my research assistants, getting some fingerprints done for police clearance records procedures for several countries I've lived in, and a doctor's visit later this afternoon. Hubby will also be visiting the doctor, perhaps at an earlier time during the day: his head feels like it's on fire and he keeps getting stabs down his face ... can't be good and I hope it's fixable.

Here's to love, love, love (think Beatles song).

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  1. Valentine's Day would be cool, but for personal reasons I'm rooting for the 16th.