Mar 6, 2011

Nap disruptions

So all the guides tell you to nap while the baby sleeps - as if this would make up for all the lost sleep at night time feedings. It's a nice idea, in theory. But in practice, here are things that happen during the daytime, inevitably the moment my head hits the pillow:

- the building fire alarm goes off (for the first time ever); after some panic and trying to get the baby dressed for freezing temps, we realize it's a false alarm and the neighbors turn it off

- the gigantic snow plow that usually comes at 4am, decides to come at 3pm and clear the parking lot outside our bedroom

- the neighbours decide that now is the time to boogy to "forget you" and similar boom-bangy-stomp music (nothing wrong with their sound system and amplifier)

- other neighbours think it's the right moment to clear their storage area (right above our bedroom, and no insulation in the wood floors)

- and then, of course, is the sleep-talking by baby-boy himself, but at least I can forgive him that for it is a sign he's alive and well

So much for that then.

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