Mar 16, 2011


A quick update on baby-boy's growth. We had a follow up visit with the doctor yesterday and he now weighs an impressive 4.4 kg (or 9.2lbs). Still growing at a massive rate of 42g per day. Clearly, no issue with breast milk, but the doctor says it's no wonder my nipples have been torn apart. The solution: basically none until he feeds less often per day. We're working on it. 

The longer feeding gaps seem to be working at night anyhow. Last night I "only" had to wake up at midnight, 4am and 7am. All in all, not such a bad deal. Even so, I still feel the need for my early afternoon nap!

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  1. Ik ben blij te horen dat "ons" kind goed groeit, dat kan ook bijna niet anders... Prachtige foto's, ik mis hem echt...
    Liefs mama