Apr 28, 2010

Snow(?!) at home ... yikes

All my facebook friends in Montreal are posting about a spring snow storm, and one even posted pictures of several inches of snow in her back garden. Eeww. I know that snow storms are pretty common late spring, but I'm still very grateful that I spent today basking in some 33C by the pool on this last full day in Singapore. 

We're due for another long set of flights tomorrow. I managed to do a bit of work today but then was distracted by the pool and a general malaise set in so I cuddled up with Gossip Girl for the rest of the afternoon. Tonight we'll have a few drinks with some friends, and we've yet to pack our suitcase. In spite of having very little to do all day, somehow all the chores were ignored.

I enjoyed Singapore. The trip was much more positive than last time and I adjusted pretty well to the slow lifestyle. But it's also kind of time to head home. I've got teaching to do as of next week, and feel like getting back in the full swing of things. Holidays are good but one can only relax for so long.

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