Apr 14, 2010


It's late. I'm not sleeping because I have too much on my mind. Some of it is work: it's the end of semester so lots of last-minute meetings, papers to write, and for me, also a new class to prepare that I start teaching in May. 

Some of it is personal life: excited anticipation of an upcoming trip to the other side of the world, and a crash-diet to ensure I don't look completely ridiculous in my shorts. While I've generally kept up with the exercise routine, it's either a lack of skiing that's done me in, or pilates isn't enough to keep my body fat down. The upcoming trip also adds a fair bit of general sorting-out that needs to be done: additional chores and organizing. None of it big but it adds to the pile of stuff and general irritations.

And then there is a general sense that the world is against me this week. Not in any big way - after all I still have my grant to gloat about. But in a little way. Reaching out to friends to organize trips for the next several months, and not hearing back from any of them who are male (the female friends seem more than happy to drop me a line to let me know that, no, they didn't die since the last time we spoke). I don't know if the world is just busy in general, or just doesn't consider me important enough, or is just ... rude. Whatever the reason, I'm peeved. 

Maybe it's just my zodiac. By all accounts I'm promised lots of "long discussions" on the 17th and 18th. I just hope that doesn't mean lots of meetings. I've had my share of those this month, and quite frankly, I'm mentally done. The horoscope reckons it's "fun gatherings". I sure hope so. 

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