Nov 30, 2010

Not the best of weeks

This week is fast slipping out of control. We took our house guest, a visiting professor from another uni, out and about on Sunday to show him the Montreal scene. Of course, it being Quebec, we had ice rain on Friday, followed by snowfall on Saturday, creating a lovely winter wonderland with perfect sticky snow for making snowmen (very rare here). 

But this winter wonderland was also a treacherous one. Walking the dog on Saturday, I slipped, but thankfully did not fall, on a flat surface of snow that was covering underlying ice. All was fine and I didn't hurt myself in the slightest but it was a reminder of how slick the conditions were.

We were reminded again on Sunday during our walk up "the Mountain". As we went up to view the Montreal cross, a woman who was on her way down warned us that it was slippery in places. I decided to stay at the bottom of the rise and let hubby and our guest go up for a closer look. Next thing you know, from a perfectly still standing position, hubby goes arse-over-tit as we say, and slams his head and shoulder into a rock hard pavement.

Luckily, he didn't seem to have any kind of concussion since there was no nausea or dizziness, but he was developing a very black bruise on top of his shoulder and the area was very swollen. We waited it out another day, but this morning, the bruising has extended down one side of his chest, looking rather a lot like pictures of broken collar bones we've seen on Google Images. So hubby's off to the doctor right now, probably at least a 4 hour affair by the time he sees someone and gets a probable X-ray. I'll let you know about the results, but given how restrictive his movements have been the last day or so, I'm inclined to think it's at least cracked if not broken.

At the same time, my mom had a biopsy done of an area of broken skin and it turns out to be skin cancer. She's had this before in the same area, but it was still a surprise that it came back. Apparently it's only on the surface of the skin and not deep, so she'll get a light-based treatment in January. I'm hoping it'll do the trick.

All in all, with grandpapa's funeral this week, things are not looking too bright.

Not to mention that my work laptop yesterday gave in to the "Blue Screen of Death". The faces of the IT people when I brought my laptop down to them were hardly encouraging. But they were sweet to me and told me not to stress out at all while eyeing my 6.5 month bump. At least I've got everything backed up online. I learned my lesson the last time! Still, it's a hassle. I'm working from home today just to chill and stay away from all the madness.

Seems like bad things come in 4s, not 3s.


  1. yeooouch. That's gonna leave a mark. May I recommend a set of crampons for the remaining winter season/trimester?

  2. I'm intrigued ... what are crampons? I'm gonna look it up right now.

    Hubby's collarbone was dislocated, not broken. They popped it back in. Now wait-and-see if it will hold. yikes.

  3. Climbers use them on their boots when climbing in alpine conditions:

    There are also street versions that are basically studded straps that can attach to any winter boot:

    dislocated is better than broken any day of the week. Now he has a cool dislocated shoulder injury like Mel Gibson in the Lethal Weapon series.

  4. After I looked them up, I realized what they were and also realized that I already have some!! Must dig them out of storage.

  5. Nu maar hopen dat het goed zal genezen! Wel erg vervelend! Wens hem sterkte. mama xxx