Nov 15, 2010

Kitties and babies

The cutest thing just happened. I was slouching on the sofa and the kitty came to sit on my lap. She's been put out these last few months because I won't let her sit on my stomach/chest while laying back on the sofa as usual. Mostly because I didn't know if in my early stages of pregnancy, it would be very good to have a 12 lb lump sitting on you. 

The kitty has learned to adjust to the situation even if her snout is slightly out of joint. She's been laying next to me, curling one paw over my body and resting her head against my side. Today, however, she decided it was safe to sit on my lap (I invited her). And she rested her head on my bump, with one paw stretching as far over it as she could.

I thought it was adorable because I could see her little face and eyes squeezed shut. The baby seemed to like it too. When she purred loudly, he started moving towards her face and then kicked in that direction. The kitty's ears pricked up as if wondering what was going on. Not in the "I'm going to catch whatever lump is moving under the blanked" kind of way, but more in a "I'm intrigued by this new thing" sort of way.

She stopped purring and opened her eyes. She did not otherwise move. But simply waited for the next kick and swiveled her ears again. Somehow, I can't help but think the two of them were communicating. Very sweet. Eventually, kitty decided she'd had enough of the thumping in her face and moved to my side. 

It'll be funny to see what happens when the baby is actually here. Started my third trimester today. Hurray.

On a more miserable note - they came to change 9 of our windows today. The workmen obviously seem to think a working day starts at 7am, because no sooner did the clocks hit that hour and they buzzed our door. As if they were waiting for it.

We stumbled out of bed, followed shortly by an argument in (my not so great) French/Quebecois about who's job it was to remove the blinds from the windows. Guess what, not mine buddy. I ain't getting up on no window sill with a 6 month preggers belly to do you any favors. He got my point eventually.

They did 7 of the nine windows and then pissed off by 12.30pm. Why they couldn't finish the job with the other 2, I have no idea. I'm kind of glad in that our bedroom remains glue-smell free until tomorrow. However, it does mean another rude 7am awakening in the morning. 

I know this doesn't sound early to most people, but you have to remember I'm an academic. I have my own hours, and they usually don't involve 7am.

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