Jul 29, 2010

One eye on the big one

After a lovely week of holiday with mum's visit, it's straight back into the deep end. I've got one eye on the Big Conference. Luckily, this year the annual event is happening in Montreal, so I don't have to travel. It's a huge relief. My only problem will be which of my clothes to wear as for the first time I'll have a lot of choice versus my usual minimalist travel style which leaves me with roughly 5 outfits to choose from in 5 days.

Mum's visit was fun. We went to Quebec City - my first time. It's a really pictoresque city and I can understand early settlement there even though in the beginning many failed to survive the arctic winters. The city rests on the St. Lawrence river with an upper and lower town. We walked the stairs up; not a drastic undertaking as anything in Quebec that passes for a "mountain" is really just a hill by Swiss standards. Even so, the view from the top is spectacular and I will share photos soon.

Other than that we spent our time in Montreal, doing touristy things such as visit the Botanic Garden which is hugely impressive and a massive improvement over my last unfortunate visit to the gardens in the middle of the winter among a crowded group of people to see the Chinese lanterns. This time, I got to explore the 9 greenhouses, all of which are equally beautiful, and we wandered through the expansive gardens which were labeled by themes like Rose, Japanese, Chinese, and First Nation among others.

Alas, now it's back to work and I've neck deep in tons of coding. And next weekend will be the hectic Big One. Phew.

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