Mar 20, 2010

St Paddy's Day and all that

If we'd thought to get off lightly with just the anti-police violence last weekend, we were wrong. On Sunday we went to a movie theatre in the centre of town, and found our way barred when we tried to leave. The police had cordoned off an entire two blocks of St. Catherine's street and we soon found out that someone had died trying to celebrate St. Paddy's. Apparently a 19-year old high school student jumped off a float, and promptly fell under it. The driver failed to notice and drove over him, squashing him to death. Gruesome weekend, I'll say. And a said ending for what was essentially just a guy getting drunk during the St Paddy's day parade.

The rest of the week was more or less uneventful. Hubby and his business partner went to Toronto to drum up some work, and so it was another week of me and the pets. I had dinner and lunch with my best Montreal buddy a few times and just worked very hard the rest of the time. Got quite a bit done at work this week, but not nearly enough. My eye is on the end of March, which leaves but one measly month for me to make a final research push before I have to get back to grips with teaching ... 

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  1. Mooi gedaan! Je staat er keurig op!
    Liefs van mama