Mar 14, 2010


A busy week. Filled with meetings and writing. I got the first part of the paper done this week and am super-excited about it. A friend has agreed to read it through so let's hope it passed the "friendly peer review" test. If so, then it'll be ready to forward to my co-author. 

This progress means that writing is over for now and the data stage is moving in. Shifting gears is always a challenge so I spent the latter part of the week getting a bunch of admin done to clear my desk (and head). I'm ready to take on the data tomorrow, and no doubt, for the next 4 weeks.

We had a guest speaker this week on sustainability, and sustainability champion awards. All of which added up to a hectic Thursday and Friday. Topped by an arrival of a friend on Friday night. He was delayed until the wee hours of the morning, so hubby took on the task of airport runs while I caught up on some much needed sleep.

Of course, little did I know I'd be interrupted soon after by a serious of loud crashes outside of my apartment. We have a parking lot outside where many police cars reside. I had always assumed it was because some kind of police station was inside the building next to us. Well, on Friday night (Saturday morning), someone decided that police cars didn't deserve to have any windows and smashed them all in!!

I was pretty sleepy but woke up with the repeated smashing. But by the time my brain caught up with me enough that I got up to peek out the window, the deed was done and the person was gone. It was too dark for me to see what had happened and while I thought it was the car windows that were smashed, I couldn't tell. I went back to catch up with the rest of my shut-eye.

It wasn't until the next morning that I realized that so many windows had been smashed in, including the windows to the (presumed) police station. Plus some spray paint to boot. Seems like someone had a real issue with the police "FTP" being the words of the day. Media vans everywhere; detectives with cell phones; trucks that picked up the cars; men that swept the parking lot; other men that took out the windows in the building. It was a whole day affair. I even got interrogated by some rookie police officers about what I heard (and was duly chastised for not dialing 911 on the spot ... what was I supposed to do? I thought that there would be some police officers in the police station!).

Excitement all round. The day was further filled with more spring skiing and a smashing dinner in the evening. I was truly pooped from all the excitement and slept wonderfully last night - without interruption. After all, there are no car windows left to smash, and ours is safely parked indoors.

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