Feb 9, 2010

From one thing to the next

Sometimes I get the feeling that my body just decides to go from one problem to the next. For instance, last week I had a cold sore as a result of walking around in insufficient clothing one Saturday night because a friend of mine convinced me to see some light display that was anything but. This week, also on Saturday, my back gave in. I have no idea what happened but I do know that it hurts. Like hell. 

Now my back giving in is nothing new. It happens from time to time. The first time was when I was 16 or so at boarding skill, and a random skip over a puddle resulted in a massive spasm that had me in bed for the next few days. Since then, I've been plagued with neck and back problems, usually whenever I spend too many hours at my desk, working away. Or, as a result of being stuck in an airplane seat for far too long. Or, I'm sleeping on a bed that's too hard (or too soft) and my back ends up in some weird position. 

Usually I know the cause. This time, I really have no idea. It's in my middle back, right on the spine. It almost feels as though I've bruised the vertebrae itself, except that I know from experience that this type of pain is muscular, not the bone. It might have been that the dog tugged too hard one day on the leash, or that I bent over too much at my desk. Who knows?

All I know is that I have had difficulty moving since Saturday. I'm treating it at home, since it's nowhere near as bad as two very bad spasms I had over the last few years that basically affected most of my movements. So for now, it's icepacks and NSAIDs, and a few stretches without stressing. 

That means no skiing tonight. Boo-hoo. Sucky day. Luckily I'm seeing my osteopath on Friday anyhow. Maybe she can set me right.

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