Mar 18, 2012

Hit and miss

The sleep is hit-and-miss. I still regularly wake up at least once, sometimes twice, a night to either give toddler-boy his pacifier, or spend a good amount of time rocking him. The latter seriously disrupts my sleep pattern and hence the reason for a 3 a.m. post. Little one woke up at 1, then again at 1.30, and then 1.45. I finally decided to do the rocking for a little longer and he seems to have settled back in. But of course, by this time, I'm now wide awake.

Lots on my mind, maybe, and that could be the reason for failing to fall back asleep. So much for planning a nice long sleep in and a general sleep catch-up.

Weather should FINALLY be warmer tomorrow. Here's hoping that spring is around the corner.

Happy St Paddy's and all.

1 comment:

  1. I remember your pain. Bennett didn't sleep the night til he was 2. He was fine til you put him down. For some very strange reason, he would fall asleep to "Girls Just Want to Have Fun," a song I liked when it came out but played a couple thousand times to make him sleep, so I can't bear to hear it now.