Feb 25, 2012

No coffee, no milk, no bread

I'm trying to make it through the first two hours of the morning with no coffee, milk, or bread. This isn't by choice. It's simply a fact. Life, with a one year old, gets busy. Add in a snow storm and you suddenly lose any desire to pass by the market on your way home.

It's really work that's busy and not baby-boy. Stupidities, all of it, but that comes with work. I've decided that baby-boy should now officially be toddler-boy. He's been toddling for over 2 months, but his baby-ish actions were still enough for me to label him 'baby'. But since his birthday last Saturday, it seems like he's suddenly all grown up. He even managed to sleep 6.5 to 7 hours in a row three times this week!

This exciting new pattern was interrupted for a few days by vaccinations and (I presume) their side effects. Since toddler-boy didn't have a fever, I didn't drug him unnecessarily, but something was going on in his body for sure: even his diapers smelled plain wrong.

It's a lot of fun watching him these days. He's completely comfortable by now with walking, and his exploratory phase has been notched up a gear. Now, he can open drawers without pinching his fingers. And, he can take out all their contents, drop something else in, and then happily move on to the next drawer (leaving it open). This means that I find my phone in the magazine rack, toy bricks in the CD drawer, recycling amongst the pots. Every day a new surprise.

We've baby-gated our kitchen, finally. Not that any dangerous things are at toddler level, but he started to rip bits of cling film off the role and carrying empty wine bottles around with him. And I think he's in league with the dog: both of them adore the Feline Pine cat litter. So we decided the kitchen is off limits. Toddler-boy objects for a few seconds when I leave him locked behind the gate while I cook and clean, but he soon finds something else that's almost equally as exciting as being with mommy. 

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