Jan 10, 2012

So the challenges are proving to be ... a challenge!

Good intentions. Bad performance. No other way to describe it. On all fronts. 

My three new years resolutions are left miserably in the dust for the first part of January. Well, actually, the first one is working out. We did find a nanny and she' been with us five days now on trial. Things are looking good. I don't want to jinx myself, but baby-boy seems to be taking to her and that's one of the key things in all of this. We're going slow and steady, hoping to make for a smooth transition from mommy-at-home to mommy-at-work for 6 hours a day. Today, I was able to take hold a conference call in another room for 45 minutes without any hitches. So, keep your fingers crossed.

As for the rest of the resolutions: I miserably, miserably failed to attend the writing group. Totally my own gaffe. It was on one calendar but that one no longer talks to my phone. I hadn't put it on our main calendar in the kitchen either. And in general, I'm a ditz when it comes to remembering such stuff. My friend even sent a reminder email, 2 hours in advance, but I wasn't home so never saw it. So I have a lot of apologizing to do, and I hope to make the next one (though I already noticed that hubby will be traveling for business then, so who knows?).

The exercise challenge has also yet to get started: 1000 miles in 2012 has so far logged 0 miles. But I hope to start in a few weeks' time when I'm able to leave the house for a bit here and there. In the meantime, the only "running" I'm doing is running around the house with baby boy, running to clean and tidy, running to do groceries, running to fit in conference calls and meetings, and crashing in the evening when I'm just too tired to do any more. 

Then there is the unspoken resolution of actually getting some work done and writing papers. I missed the "big conference" deadline - today ... and had to write an apology to my co-author which left me feeling not a small bit embarrassed. I'm aiming for another conference towards the end of the month and started on it today. So far I have 3 sentences before the baby demanded my attention. But at least the conference call was for another paper (revision and resubmission), so I can feel good about that. Now, I just have to do the work.

At least I managed to write a blog. That's gotta count somewhat towards the writing challenge, right? And, I managed to sign up and add a widget for the 1000 mile exercise challenge, so that has to give me a half star at least, right? Right?

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