Jul 26, 2011


I've just realized it's been well over 2 weeks since my last post. Sorrys are due. Mostly, I've been busy setting up a new website for baby-boy: ask me about it if you want to have a login and password.

The rest of the time has been taken up by a trip to Toronto for passport renewal. The place was worse than a sauna or, more accurately, a Turkish bath since it was humid. Baby-boy was *not* happy.

Upon coming home (happily), I realized I only had a week to read through a thesis (unhappily), and I will need to be somewhat coherent about it by Monday. You'd think a life time of schooling would teach me not to leave things to the last minute ...

In the meantime, I've had lots of thoughts of things that would make for fun posts, all of which escape me now.

Happy July.

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