Jun 3, 2011

Post from Baby-boy

Some things are curious. A lot of things are funny.

It's curious when mommy disappears behind the shower curtain. Sometimes her head sticks out. 

It's curious when the cat walks by. And when the dog rolls on the floor.

When mommy cuts my nails, I lay very still and ponder.

I like the bouncy chair. I get to bounce and smile. And work things out.

I don't know what mommy does in the kitchen every morning. But it's intriguing.

The lady in the moon captures my attention.

It's funny when I get to bash Poo Bear, Tigger and Eeyore.

I laugh when I see the safari animals.

It's very funny when mommy looks at me.

I always laugh on the changing table. I bang my feet. It makes a loud noise.

Sophie the Giraffe is funny. She squeaks. 

The wind is hilarious. I love it when it strokes my head. I squeeze my eyes shut and then throw them open in delight.

But the funniest of all is when daddy sings me Lady Gaga songs.

And then I get hungry, and want to sleep.

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