May 14, 2011

May - so far

Well, my lack of blog posts can be entirely explained by three things: spring has finally arrived in Montreal, my in-laws are visiting, and I'm sick. The latter could possibly be a result of the first two ... spring is bringing changeable weather including rain and cold as well as sun and heat. As for my in-laws, they arrived from the U.K., and might have brought some new lurgies with them.

Baby-boy seems to have taken all of this in his stride. That doesn't mean he's gotten away scot-free. In fact, he has been a little bit congested with the very occasional cough, and a right eye full of gloob. The eye is probably some kind of viral conjunctivitis, or perhaps a clogged tear duct - both fairly common in babies. But since it was his eye, I insisted on going to the walk-in clinic and have it checked out. I don't mess around with eyes.

Of course, he's entirely fine. The intern/doc didn't recommend anything other than wait it out, and after a few squirts of breast milk in his eye (recommended by the internet), the entire thing seems to have resolved itself.

I've been less lucky. I'm thinking I should start treating myself with my own breast milk. My right eye seems to have contracted baby-boy's conjunctivitis. And I've been sick ever since his vaccinations, i.e. for three weeks now. Not seriously ill, but a fever, three sore throats, two colds and now a mean cough. 

So while baby-boy happily giggles himself (and me) awake at 6 a.m. every morning (and I can't help but smile about it), I'm struggling to shake this thing. I'm hoping it'll only be a few more days. If not, it'll be another trip to the clinic. But in the meantime, I do my best to giggle back, even if it comes out as some kind of congested snort most of the time.

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