Dec 12, 2010

In the wee hours

Up again in the wee hours, having slept pretty much no time at all. It's 3.30am. 

Although my rash has abated in most areas, lots of itchy patches remain. And the rash has spread all over my back, which is now the "inflamed" area. Not as bad as having it on your legs, if you ask me. Mostly, it just feels like a sun burn. The problem is when I lay down to sleep everything starts to itch, and then I can't fall asleep.

In spite of that, I slept about 11 hours last night. Probably catching up on lost sleep all this week, but I guess I'm paying for it tonight. I'm still taking Zyrtec (no more Benadryl after the hives), but it doesn't seem to be helping much today. Maybe the bath routine is more effective - it brings up all my bumps and makes the itching worse, but also seems to help settle things later if I slather on the Calamine lotion.

On a brighter note, we picked up a baby crib today that a friend is loaning us. It's been in his family for well over 40 years, and thus a time piece. It's entirely made of metal, painted white, and therefore heavy. But our friend helped hubby to load it up in the back of the car, and he was able to carry it up the stairs in spite of his shoulder. 

I've been told we can add a coat of paint if we like, so I might top up on the white if I decide to paint the larger cot as well. Other small fixes will include felt pads on the legs to avoid scratching our wood floors, and perhaps finding a new mattress for it. The one that came with it seems too thin, and for sure needs a wash from past use. Given my intense allergies for dust and dust mites, I'm not sure I want to use it at all. It might be time for some modernization of the mattress at least.

Other than that, the city is still covered in snow. We observed at least three types of snowplows in action today. One clears up sidewalks - very clever and convenient, otherwise you'd never be able to walk anywhere. Another two clear up the parking spots on the side of the road. Mostly, the initial plowing just takes care of the middle of the road, so that people can drive. It seems once this plowing is done and the snowing has stopped, the city takes care to remove the piles that people have scooped off their cars and that plows have shoved over there. 

So there they were today. Temporary orange "no parking" and "you will be towed" signs were up all over the city. One medium sized plow pushed all the snow from the side to the middle of the road (weird), while a bigger one then came and pushed it all back to the side of the road, but I guess in an organized and neat fashion, without completely covering the sidewalk again. 

It makes for interesting viewing and tricky driving while trying to dodge both the plows, the piles of snow and oncoming traffic...

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