Oct 3, 2010

20+ weeks

Friday we saw our baby again and this time it was for a scheduled 20+ week scan. Of course, I still managed to make a mess of things by forgetting to bring my prescription - actually I had no idea I even needed one. They gave it to me so long ago that I had stored in neatly away with all my other baby-medical files and it didn't even occur to me to think I would have to bring it. So it was a big rush for hubby as he zoomed back home in our car to find said missing piece of paper so that I wouldn't lose my place in the (long) line at radiology.

About an hour after our appointment time we were called in and the process began. It was quite lengthy and my pants were soaked with gel afterwards. The man in charge of the stick showed us pretty much every baby part you could think of: heart, organs, brain, vertebrae, arms, legs, etc. He said everything looks spot on. And that we will have our hands full - apparently our baby is super active. Sure looked like it on the scan, and I know to some extent because I've been feeling it kick around.

He measured everything too. And the average timing would determine the "final" due date of the baby. Which hasn't changed, so it's still a Valentine's day baby for the moment. The one thing he could not confirm was the baby's gender. The baby was facing upside down or backwards, so the legs were hidden from the ultrasound waves. He tried a different approach, but my navel got in the way by casting a shadow. In the end, there was no way to confirm whether our boy is indeed a boy. But we're going with it for now and we'll see! I have another scan after Xmas, so perhaps we'll know for sure then.

In the meantime, we're babysitting a hyperactive Spaniel. She's cute but boy, she has a lot of energy. Though as I write this it seems both dogs have finally worn themselves out after the breakfast sugar spike, and are now lying in their respective slots across the room. Off to brunch with a friend, and then catching up on about 2 days worth of work because this week has been hectically filled with meetings, wasteful photoshoots and who knows what else.

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