Sep 14, 2010


It was my mission this weekend and week to relax. On doctor's orders. So I cancelled all my meetings and a gym session and instead went on a walk on Saturday (a beautiful sunny day) with a friend and my dog. We ended up spending about 2 hours outdoors, at a slow walk, interrupted by occasional stops and of course, an ice cream, since this is probably one of the last summer days to enjoy something that cold in Montreal.

I declined my friend's offer to go shopping in the latter part of the afternoon, begging tiredness, and instead we hung out on my sofa and later went to a movie. 

Sunday followed a similar pattern of late morning naps, and a trip back to the Bay so I could switch the newly purchased Betsey Johnson bras. Turned out when I tried them on at home, they were suddenly too tight around the back, leaving a sizable dent in my rib cage. With my newfound enthusiasm to be a responsible preggers woman, I decided to go up a size so instead of a very scary size of 32DD, I'm now a slightly more reasonable 34D. And still able to fit in the very pretty and comfie BJ bras. 

The sales lady in the store roped me into getting a store credit card. So far I've resisted because at about 30% APR who really needs that kind of credit card. But she attacked me with it in French and I was so proud of my fluency that I obliged, realizing only to late it wasn't a POINTS card she was signing me up for, but a CREDIT card. Oh well, at least this one has about 4 times the limit of our other one and we can pay for something other than a tank full of gas with it. I'll just have to make sure to pay it off each month. Meanwhile, I'll happily be collecting points from the Bay, whatever those are good for.

My Monday routine followed the new resolution. I cancelled another gym session and my physiotherapist. Unfortunately, though, I couldn't get out of any more meetings, since I rescheduled all of the Friday ones to Monday. So Monday turned out to be only semi-relaxed. Instead of being able to stretch my body during the day, I ended up in my office, fielding phone calls, holding meetings, thinking about research, preparing for teaching (analyzing a case study and writing up my notes), trying to reach my own doctor, reaching my doc's assistant only to find out the only time she can see me is when I teach(!), finding a substitute professor for that class, and who knows what else. Hubby met me for lunch. I called my bro to say Happy Birthday. And came home Monday evening, completely exhausted.

Only to realize that hubby would be out all of Tuesday, the dog needed walking, and we had bought the wrong dog food. Hence, a very farty and smelly dog. As a diarrhea preventative (we have LOTS of that experience with our dog), we gave her some pills and they seem to have done the trick. I fed her some other food this morning, so that my day spent working from home wasn't going to be surrounded by sulphur-like gas.

Topping these days and the weekend, of course, was a series of student questions about wanting to get into my course (go see the registration people), having missed the first class because they "were on holiday" (too bad for you), and all else. Not putting me in the best teaching mood for Week 2 of classes. When will they learn that if you don't show up, you have no right to ask for anything?

So two days spent sitting doing work. Although today was less hectic than yesterday, I'm starting to feel an exercise withdrawal. But I'm sticking to my promise to the doc. Tomorrow, I'll field a set of questions to my own doctor, to find out what exactly I'm allowed to do, or not. I'm fairly certain that shouting at students would go into the "not" category.

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  1. Heel goed dat je een beetje rustig aandoet. Tenslotte moet je 10 à 12 kilo groeien, deze hele periode. Nog beter dat je gaat vragen wat je wel en niet mag doen. Je bent al op de helft dus is het niet meer zolang. Het quiltje wordt al wat. Iedere dag werk ik er een uurtje aan, het wordt reuze leuk.
    Hou je taai en liefs van mama xxx