Aug 26, 2010

Points and beats

I've been busy. After the conference was over, I had a sudden realization that it was less than three weeks before classes were due to start ... and that I still had two papers to finish and prepare for the arrival of my main co-author. 

The thought of not using the two months that my co-author is visiting our school to the fullest, got the fire lit under my arse, and I started doing some real work. Or, at least, I tried to.

It was hard kicking back into full gear, weeks after slacking off due to morning sickness and general exhaustion. So I spent a few days moping around the house doing a few hours of work a day, and then taking off to enjoy the sunshine or do chores. Of course, this didn't do much to relieve the anxiety about having to finish a bunch of work.

So I spent an afternoon writing up a solid to-do list and plotting the dates on a calendar, which helped me to focus. I was all gung-ho to kick start the process on Monday. But I didn't count on fate. The very frustrating experience of trying to do your airmile filing and  retroactively submitting boarding passes. First off, for some reason I didn't save all my boarding passes (unusual for me, but I blame e-tickets that don't look like boarding passes and therefore easily get thrown out). Next, I found out that one of my airline loyalty cards - apparently - was now inactive. Huh? But didn't I fly on this airline's loyalty program at least twice a year, and each time submit my card number. So when the hell did it run out and why didn't they tell me? The short of the long is that I have been unable to claim back some 20,000+ miles I collected on our trip to Asia in April. Bastards.

The frustration stayed with me for a few hours and was quickly reinforced the following day by other sources of frustration: our cleaner broke my bedside table and lamp (I luckily managed to rescue my wedding/engagement ring from the trash). I think we have the clumsiest cleaner in Quebec -- this must be about the sixth item she's broken over the past year. And a trip to the cleaning company's office revealed that the manager was out that day - marvelous.

In an attempt to replace said items, our "quick" run to Ikea turned into a 5 hour ordeal with traffic jams and random side-trips. I was more than annoyed. My grumpy disposition leaving hubby baffled and in the dog house for no reason. 

So the only thing to do at that point was to get back to work. I spent the last two days hiding in my office, giving myself an eye-ache and a head-ache from manipulating data all day. That, of course, isn't ever a painless experience ... I've already had to redo things several times and there seems to be some sort of weird bug in my software. But at least it makes me feel happy to be working on it. 

Finally yesterday was a slightly better day. It started off with a check-up at the doctor's office and I heard baby's heartbeat again, which once again pasted a smile on my face for the rest of the day. And, I also managed to find hubby a doctor - a minor miracle in this province. 

Any residual grumpiness can be blamed on having to teach again soon. 

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